Special Events

At Ezra Academy emphasis is not only placed on high academic standards, but also on cultivating and nurturing our students throughout their school experience.  This is done through many special events and trips planned over the course of the school year, creating a school spirit and environment between students and faculty alike, with everlasting bonds between them. Some of these events include:

Sukkot Trip to Adventureland
After a school wide breakfast in our large on campus Sukkah, the students and faculty enjoy and afternoon of fun and adventure at one of the most classic Theme Park’s of Long Island.

Roller and Ice Skating
In the Fall semester we welcome the students of Ezra with an exciting trip to United Skates of America. In December on Chanukah we bundle up and go to Flushing Meadows Park for a cold and slippery morning at their new and improved Ice Skating Rink

Shabbatons and Weekend Getaways
In November the school has its annual Shabbat Getaway where students and faculty get to enjoy Shabbat together. Between the Spirituality of singing and praying together, to the laughter of our entertaining hypnotist and mind reader, this is a weekend enjoyed by all and sorry to see it end.  Additionally, the upper grades have their own smaller Shabbatons in various communities in which the students culture their friendships with each other and teachers.    

Rosh Chodesh Breakfast
At the beginning of each month time is set aside in the morning for special in class breakfasts in which the students choose the menu. Between eggs, pancakes, paninis, or a good old fashioned barbeque, the time is enjoyed by all.

Retreat in the Mountains
This is the highlight of the year for students and faculty alike, four glorious days in the pristine mountains of Honesdale, PA. Sports, swimming, boating, bowling, campfires and more, no words can express the true delight by all those who attend.

Special Jewish Programs
In Ezra we believe that the students should appreciate and understand the special times of the year, as they relate to the Jewish Calendar.  Special programs for these times include, Chanuka Chagiga, Purim Chagiga, Matzah Baking, Yom Hashoa, Yom Ha’atzmaut, and of course our annual march in the Salute to Israel Parade.

Schoolwide Programs
Under our G.O. government, many fun activities are added to average school days. Tie day, Twin Day, Big Brother/Sister swim, Hawaiian Day are just some of the creative ideas our students initiate to add excitement. 

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