Welcome to Ezra Academy

Mission Statement

Ezra Academy educates young men and women in junior and senior high school from all over New York City and Long Island by providing an affordable quality general  studies education matched with a personalized, multi-level Judaic studies education.

Ezra Academy  is committed to providing a “late pass into Jewish education” for students who are late starters in Jewish education. By creating Hebrew classes which start at every level from aleph bais to advanced Talmud, the school creates appropriate learning environments for every student.

Ezra Academy  provides an education which combines a commitment to Torah observance with an awareness of the challenges and benefits of modern science and technology.

Ezra Academy  seeks to instill a love of Israel – the Land, the State and the People – in its students through both formal and informal learning and activities.

Ezra Academy  seeks to prepare its students to continue their Judaic and general studies in colleges, seminaries and yeshivot and apply those lessons to their lives as they take leadership roles in their communities and beyond.


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